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Welcome to My Spare Time 1967 Ford F250 custom restoration website.

In January 2016 I bought an old 1967 Ford F250 farm truck with the 352 FE motor. It was in pretty bad shape. But it is coming along thanks to LMC Truck. Much of the first stages of customizing the 1967 Ford F250 are complete. The next stages involve performance, handling, and power modifications. This pic is how I want the truck to look after lowering 2 to 3 inches. The latest image can be seen on the 67 Ford F250 Blog .

1967 was the first year for the square body styleside pickup trucks. New for 67 was Ford's twin I-beam independent front suspension. In 1967 Ford used mostly late 50's drivetrain, and suspension components. 1967 was also the last year for the 352 FE motors. Mabbco Motors, USA has a wide range of rebuilt longblock engines and kits including the Ford 352 FE.

Starting in 1968 Ford began using the new 390 FE motors. Not available in 1967. Front disc brakes began being offered in 1968. The 352 FE is basically a stroked 332 FE. Likewise the 390 FE is a 352 with longer stroke and bigger cylinder bores. The 1967 through 1972 F250 trucks are essentially F100s with Dana 60 differential. And heavier springs front and rear.

The 67 Pickup Truck with 352FE and 2 barrel manifold and carburetor had 208 horsepower. Simply adding an Edelbrock 352 FE 4 barrel manifold and Edelbrock Carburetor from Summit Racing increases the output of the 352FE to 315 horsepower. Follow along with my spare 1967 Ford F250 custom restoration project. Including lowering, power and performance modifications on the Blog .

Posted April 2018

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